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Oriol Elcacho talks wine ‘Traca i Mocador’ in an exclusive interview with The Fashionisto

Oriol Elcacho in an exclusive interview with The Fashionisto about his wine ‘Traca i Mocador’.

Photographer: Sergi Fuster

When not gracing the pages of magazines such as Vanity Fair España and GQ Italia, industry veteran Oriol Elcacho (Sight Management) is focused on his business venture with childhood friend Josep Borras. The pair have joined forces for the young red wine, Traca i Mocador. We caught up with the top model to find out more about his entry into the wine business.

How did you get involved with wine?

One of my childhood best friends Josep Borras owned a family winery..and we decided to start this new brand together.

How does your professional relationship with Josep work?

Josep works on the winemaking side, the vineyard, the grape…the process of making wine. I take care of packaging, labeling and marketing.

How did you come up with the name of the wine? We did a brainstorming while drinking wine  You can imagine…

Traca i Mocador is a Catalan expression that expresses two very opposite things that combined express joy and happiness. We are like the yin and yang of wine. Traca i Mocador



Where is Traca i Mocador currently available?

At the moment wine stores in Barcelona like Enterwine and Monvínic. And many restaurants in Barcelona. We just produced 8,000 bottles; a small production, but we hope to export to some restaurants in New York.

How would you describe the wine?

It’s a fresh young and fruity yet complex red wine. Easy to drink but with all the complexity of the terroir in Montsant Region. We wanted to make a red wine that would appeal to as many as possible, so we went back to the origins of the young red wine…presence of red ripe fruit and avoiding oak wood flavors.

How did the bottle label come about?

Frankly it was a tough decision and many ideas came to mind when brainstorming. For example, to use an illustration, just text or photography. I’m more sensitive to photography because of all my years modeling. I also wanted people to know who was behind the wine and Josep Borras the winemaker had to be on the label somehow. I asked a very good photographer and friend Nico Bustos, to create an image with wine and the two of us. Then the ideal of the wine veil came out…so it was not so obvious it was us. We could have gone many directions…but I thought photography was the most organic way for me to go.


Was it obvious to appear on the label yourself?

Of course we had doubts of us, starring on the label..but we had no budget to pay any of the models so we had to get our act together and put ourselves in front of the camera. We just wanted to create a dreamy image…of two friends that decided to embark on an exciting and fun project…I hope we achieved it.