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Lou & Nils Schoof for Status Magazine

Lou & Nils Schoof for Status Magazine. See the original article here. By Janroe Cabiles. Photos by Elizaveta Porodina.

Lou and Nils Schoof: The Wonder Kids

Roaming across concrete streets, far-off castles, and golden meadows are model siblings LOU and NILS SCHOOF, perpetually bringing something cinematic to their stills.


In the same way light shines from far-off lamp posts, Lou and Nils have a dark glimmer to their eyes. Echoing an alluring placidity in every shot, whether for a high-fashion shoot or playful snaps while traveling, both emit a certain shade of cool. They’ve recently traveled to Madrid together for a gig, and straight to Munich for more shoots, showing how far they’ve come from their home on the countryside in Northern Germany. “It’s in a little village where we used to play outside around the diverse nature there,” recalls Nils. “We got to enjoy having our own little adventures growing up,” adds Lou, “But as I got older, I didn’t really feel a connection to the mentality there, and I finally found my place between the calm countryside and the rushing, innovative, open-minded cities.” While on a trip to Hamburg with their father a few years ago, Lou caught the eye of her current agent from Place Models, leading her to work with publications Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Japan, British Vogue, Bon Magazine, Elle UK, Wonderland Magazine, and Models, as well as brands Margaret Howell, Blumarine, Zara, and Chloé. Nils quickly caught some attention as well; after a few candid posts with Lou on her Instagram, a call from Lou’s agent taking on Nils landed both of them on the cover of Vogue Ukraine in November 2015.


There’s a versatility that flows through both the siblings: one captured with a beauty of a bygone age, and another, a touch of reckless youth. Nils’ dark blonde hair and cheekbones balances a maturity to his look, yet immortalizes his boyhood. With Lou’s flaxen-colored fringe and her blue doe eyes, she quips a serene sentimentality, bringing almost a cinematic-like performance to her takes. “We think that the key to a good picture is acting and understanding,” says Lou. “You have to be in good contact with the set, styling, and photographer. And before all else, you have to know yourself.”


What is your favorite city on earth?

Lou: I had a great time in New York this year after I had a bad start there last year. I think that if you treat it right, the city can give and teach you a lot. I do not know any other place that makes you grow and realize things as much as New York.

Nils: My favourite city is definitely Hamburg! I love Hamburg because I have good friends there and I can visit foosball-tournaments. Foosball is my biggest hobby; it is exciting to meet new players and match with them.

What do you guys do together in your downtime?

Nils: We love hanging out in our room after Lou comes home from traveling. We usually watch random music videos or anything Woody Allen or Wes Andersen.

Lou: When I get back home, we go to bed really late. Nils normally has school the next day, but we just can’t stop talking.


What goals do you have set for yourselves?

Nils: Lou and I have the same mind about living now and not tomorrow. I think it is more important to think about the past and learn from your mistakes than to dream about your future.

Lou: I almost do not dare to dream of more, since I have met the most amazing people on this journey so far. I try not to dream too much. I like being in the present a hundred percent and try to spend as much energy on the stuff that makes me happy. I have learned that this mentality works best for me.

What’s the most beautiful and challenging thing about modeling?

Nils: The most beautiful thing about modelling is to travel and learn about new traditions and cultures. I love to visit new countries and to eat the delicious food there. I am very interested, why different countries have so different tastes.

Lou: The best and most challenging aspect at the same time is probably that you are alone with yourself for a longer periods of time. I left school without having an idea what my qualities were, who I was without my comfort zone, old friends and family. Modeling took me out of my known surroundings and gives you the opportunity to discover the world and yourself. Still it craves to accept challenges and keep on going, which costs a lot of energy. But it is definitely worth it.


Lou & Nils in Status Magazine: